Pre-Draft Stats

9.2 4.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 45.9 32.0 83.8 49.8 19.4
Sales Pitch
A raw athletic wing with great measurables who specializes in versatility
It didn't take long for Florida State's Patrick Williams to gain the curiosity of NBA personnel. One of the youngest prospects in this year's class, Williams has plenty going for him when it comes to his NBA intangibles. Although he won't turn 19 until August, Williams has an NBA ready frame and pairs that with a reported 6'11" wingspan. Patrick won't wow you with his stats but he offers a wide range of versatility...something that NBA teams covet so much come draft time. Williams stood out as a complementary piece this last year for the Seminoles. His value comes as a player who can fulfill a wide range of roles that NBA teams will desire. You might not get something fancy with a player like Patrick Williams, but you're going to get a gritty high effort player.
Pro Comparison
PJ Tucker with more size and who loves the midrange


  • Displays good touch around the basket, using both hands to finish. Shot 55.6% around the basket. Combination of length and athleticism makes him a promising threat around the rim. 


  • Smart player with a high basketball IQ. Understands the little things. Keeps the ball moving, good shot selection, looks to create the best possible possession for his team. Does a lot of the things that don't show up in the box score. 


  • Will have teams drooling with his potential on the defensive side of the ball. Big, lengthy, and smart team defender. Florida State was a switch heavy team...which will have scouts intrigued with Williams projection as a defender at the NBA level. When defending Pick & Roll ball handlers, ranked in the 91st percentile (via Synergy). 


  • Has the potential to develop into a solid spot-up shooting threat at the NBA level but the sample size is still too small. Posted a 34.7 FG% off of Spot-Up opportunities. Free Throw percentage (83.8%) projects that his best shooting days are ahead of him. Slow-release and gather. Will need repetition to improve his load up timing. 


  • High amount of turnovers this past year (50). Footwork is something that needs some serious fine-tuning. Finds himself running into trouble when driving into traffic. 
When it comes to the NBA Draft, there's always a bit of desire in Front Offices to find a player that projects as a potential "Swiss-army-knife." Teams covet versatility, especially when a player has the potential to offer it on both sides of the ball. Florida State forward Patrick Williams projects to have plenty of fans in scouting circles. With the argument that Williams is only scratching the surface offensively, teams could continue to move Williams up their draft boards as they dive into the film. A talented defensive asset with his best offensive game still ahead of him, Williams could hear his name earlier than some expect on Draft night.

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