Pre-Draft Stats

20.0 7.5 1.8 1.0 1.2 63.3 39.0 70.2 67.4 32.5
Sales Pitch
Athletic forward who can do a bit of everything on the offensive side of the ball and can terrorize rims with ease.
There's no secret who was the best player in College Basketball this year. Dayton's Obi Toppin was a highlight machine for the Flyers and is oozing with offensive potential at the NBA level. You wouldn't think of it when you first watch Toppin, but he has an elite amount of explosiveness to his game. Toppin projects to translate effortlessly to a team looking for a forward who can provide a serious boost to their offensive game. A two-time first-team All-American, Toppin has the resume to entice NBA teams on his skillset and production.
Pro Comparison
A combination of John Collins and Amar'e Stoudemire


  • He has plenty of tools in his offensive shed that NBA teams will covet. Floor spacing ability or can hurt you in the post. Does a great job of finding holes in the defenses and using jump hooks. Good spin dribbles off of the bounce as well. He knows how to work to get to his spots on the floor. 


  • One of the most explosive leapers in this draft class. Lob threat in P&R situations. Ranked in the 95th percentile when it came to transition offense. Hunts the opportunity to throw down vicious dunks. 


  • An underrated playmaker who does a great job of making quick decisions. Has the potential to become an asset as a passer out of post-up opportunities. 


  • An absolute nightmare in P&R coverages, and not in a good way. Seems to be a step or two late reacting on each screen. Will have plenty of NBA Front Offices scratching their heads. His awareness, off of the ball, leaves a lot to be desired as well. 


  • While he shows sensational explosiveness vertical, he is almost the opposite when it comes to changing speeds laterally. Imagine a car that has to take a while to get going at full speed. Could become a serious problem when it comes to him improving as a defender. 


  • Are you drafting him to be a 4 or a small ball 5? Do his defensive struggles make you wonder if he can be a full-time starter? Is his ceiling lower because of his age (22)? A lot of questions.
Obi Toppin is one of the most fascinating prospects in this year's class. On the offensive side of the ball, you find yourself drooling at his potential to impact an NBA organization and provide an immediate boost to a team's offensive firepower. He can do a bit of everything and has elite athleticism, especially when he's rim hunting. But when you watch him as a defensive prospect, there's a lot of areas of concern. The fact that Toppin will be 22 during his rookie year doesn't help with evaluators, but the production over his first two years at Dayton leaves plenty to get excited about. In today's NBA, there's no denying the thought that Toppin could turn into an offensive weapon with skills to stretch the floor. If the defense can come around and he can make himself a respectable defender, Toppin should be able to stick around the league for a long time.

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Obi Toppin
No other Draft prospect helped themself more than Dayton's Obi Toppin. We breakdown the impressive season from Toppin and what the future holds for the potential Top 5 selection.