We Are Forgetting About A Certain Team

San Antonio Spurs

Why do we continue to do this each and every year? 

Seriously, do we as NBA and basketball fans need to all admit that we have a problem? Do we need to all come together and vent why we continue to just count out the San Antonio Spurs and Greg Popovich each and every year…

Yes, I’ll be the first one to completely agree with you the Western Conference is an absolute bloodbath of epic proportions this year. The NBA is set up to experience one of it’s best seasons in recent memories. The league is BACK. Balanced, with exciting storylines across the board, it’s going to be a real treat for us and you as basketball fans across the world. But again...why do we all continue to rule out the San Antonio Spurs.

Let’s go over the facts because I think we all need to come to realization here that the Spurs have more talent on this roster than a lot of recent teams. 


Dejounte Murray

  • Even for you Spurs haters out there, you have to admit...this is a big one. The talented ball handler will be in his 4th year and looked destined for a MASSIVE breakout year last year after making one of the All-NBA defensive teams in just his 2nd season. After tearing his ACL last year before the season began, Murray should be motivated to make the league remember how promising his talent was and will give a boost to the team's backcourt. 


  • We officially got put on notice in last years Western Conference Playoffs that the young talented combo guard is going to be a very nice asset moving forward for this Spurs franchise. White will be motivated to continue to build off of his “introduction” to the rest of the NBA in the playoffs. 


  • In the very Spurs fashion that always happens, San Antonio took a falling Lonnie Walker IV in last years NBA Draft, “redshirted” him for his rookie year, and he now looks possessed and ready to make an immediate impact for this Spurs franchise. 


  • Each offseason that comes and goes, you will notice the Spurs don't often chase the big fish but they tend to make smart under the radar signings. Rudy Gay resigned with the Spurs and the organization looked to add another bench asset, adding veteran versatile forward Demarre Carroll to the fold. The team also added Tyler Lyles late in the Free Agency process after Marcus Morris altered his decision and took his talents to New York. But if we take a look at the Spurs roster, the team should have a very solid rotation of talent to work with. Obviously, some names on this list won't make the final roster, but it's important to remember all of the potential weapons. 

D.Murray D.White D.DeRozan L.Aldridge J.Poetl
P.Mills B.Forbes D.Carroll R.Gay D.Eubanks
  L.Walker IV M.Bellineli T.Lyles C.Metu
  Q.Weatherspoon K.Johnson L.Samanic  


  • The Big Fundamental has returned like Sting projecting down from the Rafters down to the WWE ring. Tim Duncan is back to the bench as an assistant coach and it’s going to be interesting to see the impact he has on this team in his first year as a coach. 

There’s a number of ways we can look at the Spurs as they head into the season. But in the words of Motley Crue, this seems to be the “Same Ol’ Situation”. As NBA and Basketball fans we tend to have a bad habit of getting completely obsessed with all of the new shiny “toys” in the Western Conference (Clippers, Lakers, Jazz, ETC) and forgetting about the old reliable Spurs.

Time will tell if the Spurs surprise us again, but if it does...we all need to admit that we need help.