Recap: Spurs vs Nuggets (G7)

Game Score
San Antonio Spurs



Denver Nuggets


  • This was not the prettiest Game 7 of basketball you have ever seen.
  • Neither team in this one would shoot above 40% (SAS - 36%, DEN - 39%)
  • The Spurs finished this game shooting 6-23 (26%) from downtown. The Nuggets shot 2-20 (10%) from three.
  • Despite the rough shooting night from both teams, Nikola Jokic was fantastic for the Nuggets but looked to be exhausted down the stretch after playing 43 minutes. The Joker was struggling with his shot in crunch time, but still made a number of crucial passes. Jokic finished with 21 points(9/26 FG), 15 rebounds, and 10 assists. 
  • Denver controlled this game for the majority of the night, and often lead by double-digits but the Spurs weren't giving up yet. 
  • This one came down to the wire and featured a clip of the Spurs refusing to foul down 4 which will confuse you and all of us for the rest of time. 
  • Denver moves on to the Second Rounds and will now face the Portland Trail Blazers. 


What Did We Learn

Denver finally got over the hump and won their first playoff game series since Carmelo Anthony was in a Nuggets uniform. San Antonio is still the Spurs and will spend an offseason ready for revenge.